Terms & Conditions



By booking with Eliesha Claire Makeup Artistry you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:



Eliesha Claire Makeup Artistry currently accepts Direct Deposit only, unless otherwise agreed upon. All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST (where applicable). The full Fee or remainder of your full Fee must be paid prior to your appointment as one payment, unless otherwise advised. EFTPOS is not available. Please consider that bank transfer may take several days to clear. Therefore, if your Fee is not received by the due date set out in the Proposal, we reserve the right to cancel the Services.

Our Pricing, Payment Terms and Methods may be amended at our discretion, and these changes apply for Services that you book after we have notified you of the amendments.

If a quote issued by us states that the Fees and Expenses are an estimate only, you acknowledge that the final Fees and Expenses, as set out in the Proposal, may be more or less than the estimated amounts. We will endeavor to inform you of any material variation as it becomes apparent.

Fees are non-negotiable and you will not receive a pro-rata refund in circumstances where you have engaged us to provide Services to a third party who fails to attend the Location on the nominated Date and/or Time.

However, we do understand that circumstances beyond your control may occur from time to time (such as a death in the family). We will do our very best to accommodate you, for example, by rescheduling your appointment at a time/date both parties agree upon.


A non-refundable, non-transferable Deposit Fee of 30% to secure the date of your booking is to be paid before the commencement of all Services. Therefore, all enquiries are regarded as research until the Deposit Fee is received. Once the Deposit is paid, your booking is locked in. The amount is then deducted from the full Fee structure as set out in the Proposal. However, you may wish to pay the amount in full.

Your payment of the Fee is your agreement to these terms and conditions and the full terms and conditions which will be laid out in the Proposal.

You will receive an email containing the full Terms and Conditions and Payment Terms and Methods.

You acknowledge and agree that acceptance of a completed makeup application is deemed satisfactory acceptance of our Services.


All bookings are subject to a 30 day cooling-off period. During the cooling-off period, you may terminate the agreement immediately, without cause, by giving us notice in writing (including by email). If you validly terminate this agreement during the cooling-off period before Services are provided to you, the Deposit Fee will be refunded to you in full.


Eliesha will arrive at the Location 30 minutes before the nominated Date/s and Time/s in order to set up.

Please inform Eliesha as soon as possible if you are running late for an appointment. If you are late to an appointment or otherwise cause lateness, we are not obligated to exceed the allocated Duration. If you are more than 30 minutes late, we may choose to reschedule the appointment, due to other scheduled appointments. There may be a chance that Eliesha will not be able to perform your Service if you are running late due to other scheduled appointments. You will not be refunded.

If additional Services are required, these are subject to availability, subject to these Terms, and will be charged at $25 for each further 30 minute interval in excess of the allocated Duration, computed at the start of each further interval. You will be invoiced accordingly.

If for some reason you wish to cancel your booking, you are required to give at least 8 weeks notice prior to the final application Date for Bridal Bookings and in all other cases 3 days prior to the relevant Date. Please keep in mind that your Deposit Fee will not be refunded. This is in order to compensate for any loss incurred, for example, due to Eliesha turning down other bookings.

If you wish to reschedule your appointment, it is subject to our availability. Please keep in mind that your Deposit Fee will not be refunded in cases where a time and date cannot be agreed upon by both parties.


Client safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, you are responsible for informing us as soon as you are able to, prior to us performing the Services, of any allergies, contagious conditions, infectious conditions, or other medical conditions/treatments (ie. laser or surgery) that may require doctors clearance before we perform the Service. You are also responsible for any third party you have engaged us to provide Services for. You are responsible for obtaining medical clearance for us to perform the Services, if required.

These conditions must be disclosed to us so that appropriate action to avoid infection can be taken and a risk assessment can be performed.

We will not apply makeup to the skin of any person who has an open or seeping wound, a contagious skin condition or other skin irregularity which we reasonably believe may pose a health risk to us or a third party or which may contaminate our Equipment.

We reserve the right to not perform the Services without a refund, if you do not provide this information. We may seek to reschedule if possible, at our discretion.


All brushes, tools and products used by Eliesha Claire Makeup Artistry are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application.

Products are used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

We may conduct a patch test on your skin, with your consent, to test for any allergic reaction. To the fullest extent permitted by law we exclude all liability for and will not be
responsible for our Services or Equipment causing you or a third party to have an allergic reaction or experience an adverse skin or physical reactions, or consequences.

In providing Services to you and third parties nominated by you, we will not apply makeup to the skin of any person who has an open or seeping wound, a contagious skin condition or other skin irregularity which we reasonably believe may pose a health risk to us or a third party or which may contaminate our Equipment.


Your feedback is important to us. We will seek to resolve your concerns quickly and effectively. If you have any feedback or questions about the Services, please contact us.

Makeup will be completed to client's satisfaction, but is not to exceed the allotted makeup Time. Ample time is given for each makeup application upon booking. Acceptance of completed makeup application by the client is acknowledgement by the client that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction.


Eliesha Claire may cancel an appointment at any time if:

- you or a third party engage in abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, discriminatory, obscene or harassing behaviour; 

- we consider that a request for the Services is inappropriate, unsafe, improper or unlawful;

- you fail to provide us with clear or timely instructions to enable us to provide the Services.

Your Deposit Fee will not be refunded.


Sometimes circumstances occur beyond our reasonable control such as the death of a family member, illness or injury that may prevent us from performing the Service. In circumstances such as these, we will let you know as soon as possible. Eliesha will attempt to reschedule or find a replacement for your appointment but cannot guarantee this. If unable, your Deposit Fee will be refunded to you in full.

Eliesha retains the right to cancel any appointment and return the Deposit Fee at any time, for any reason.


Contact Eliesha for the full terms and conditions.